Book Cover Art by Anne

Kiwi As, a delightful picture book for young children.  This collection of poems for children reflects what being a New Zealander in the 21st century is all about.  With the support of Creative Tauranga, WBOPPA ran a poetry competition and chose the 15 best poems to be published alongside children's artwork

Marcel Currin as judge: local poet, musician, columnist and writer of songs and stories. Equally important, as Dad to three small boys, Marcel knows what appeals to children. So, a good all-rounder with definite ideas of what makes poetry work. Though, as Marcel noted in his judge's report, "It's deceptively difficult to write poetry for children. Rhyme and rhythm need to be handled carefully."

Kiwi As will show you how!

Our own Tommy 'Kapai' Wilson was there to assist Marcel. Tommy works tirelessly with children in schools to encourage them 'tell their own story' to find out who they are and what they can do. Last year he ran his innovative course, Korero Purakau (The Art of Storytelling) for grown-ups to tap into their own talent as tellers of tales. Tommy coined the phrase 'books from our own backyard,' which Kiwi As most certainly is, and, of course, his own.  With the words taken care of Kaye as Art Editor turned her attention to the illustrations. Most are from truly great Playcentre artists - the children who go there. Some were commissioned, including the bold cover from local artist Anne Westerskov.Kaye's dream has been fully realised in this amazing little book - hopefully the first of many.  Exactly the right size for a child to hold and an adult to read from. 

Kiwi As can be purchased here.

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